Red Bull Ride and Style!

Red Bull is putting on a fixed gear freestyle event next weekend in San Francisco.  They are building a custom street course for the event and they have invited a handful of artists to come out and paint the obstacles.  Incredibly I was invited to be one of the artists!  Actually, it wasn’t SO incredible.  My friend Azikiwee is putting together the event and he has always been very supportive of my art.  One of the first large murals I ever did was for the grand opening of his shop, D-Structure, in SF over five years ago.

We are packing up the car and road tripping to San Francisco from Orange County early Friday morning to start painting this weekend so that everything will be ready in time for the event next week.

Stay tuned for more updates and photos from San Francisco!




I made a new logo for Ernie Reyes, Jr. whom some of you may remember from a previous posting on this blog.  In short, he was a child star, martial arts prodigy who was featured in films like “The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and “The Rundown,” and he is also now married to my ex-wife.

Now well into his thirties (join the club!) Ernie has remained active in the entertainment industry.  Lately Ernie has been developing some cool new projects of his own and he approached me about coming up with a logo for his company, “Smasher Entertainment.”

Since Ernie’s background is in martial arts, and in particular martial arts tailored for entertainment, that naturally is the primary focus of his company.  When briefing me about the logo Ernie mentioned that it might be cool to incorporate a fist.  I started working on some sketches (in between random doodles, “how absurb!”) and after seeing them Ernie gave me the okay to go ahead with the design.

I took the sketch into Illustrator to make sure I got all of the curves and lines just right.  I took a snapshot of my Illustrator file with all of the guides on.

I showed Ernie several treatments, including a final Illustrator version with a Kung-Fu color scheme, but the one we settled on was a black and white, distressed kind of MMA/Comic Book hybrid that was the opening photo for this post.


Claire Hux New Video!

My buddies in the B-More electro/funk outfit “Claire Hux” just dropped their new video for “Grab On.”

You can see D-Lake in the video sporting the GOST “Santa Ana Winds” hoodie.

The new Claire Hux album “Grab On!” from Unruly Records will drop digitally on April 12th, so check iTunes and Amazon. The new album features all new original music. Check for updates and more info.


Vanilla Ice x GOST!

Celebrity endorsements are a great way to get a lot of exposure, especially for a fledgling company on a tight budget.  In this booming age of information there are a LOT of celebrities out there and they are NOT all created equal.  For many celebrities once their star begins to lose its shine they will seek refuge in the parallel reality of “reality” TV programming.  Vanilla Ice has become a veteran of these shows and has most recently been cast in the UK’s “Skating with the Stars.”

I received an email alerting me to this when an astute viewer noticed Vanilla Ice allegedly wearing a GOST tee.

I say “allegedly” because extraordinary claims demand extraordinary proof and when I asked for a link to the video where the screen captures came from none was provided and I have seen no other corroborating evidence.  The emailer insists the photos are genuine.  Whatever the case, I am not sure if Vanilla Ice wearing GOST Brand on “Dancing with the Stars” in the UK means that we have finally arrived or if it means something closer to the opposite of that.



Unwanted Production!

I mentioned the tiny window I was working with trying to get these “Unwanted” tees printed in time for the “No.76 Special Edition” show at We Are 1976 in Dallas, Texas.  There was only one week (not counting the two weeks prior that my sister spent calling me everyday to ask if I’d started yet), just one week to come up with an idea and get it printed and shipped to Dallas.

On top of everything else, I just started a free lance job that requires me to go to Laguna Beach everyday, so the time I had to work with kept getting smaller and smaller.  Fortunately I was able to hatch an idea (“Unwanted!”) and get it drawn and illustrated and ready for print over the weekend.  That was well over half the battle.  With my art done and at least a few more days to work with I knew I had a fighting chance.

I got up early on Monday morning and put in an order for 24 blank T-shirts (thanks Jeremy!).  After I went to work I had Nikki drive to Anaheim and pick them up for me (thanks Nikki!!).  Nervous about the prospect of distressing all the tees by myself I said to Nikki, “Hey I know! Tonight we can watch a movie while we grind the shirts!”

“Um…no,” she said.  So, I grinded and bleached all 24 shirts myself until about 2AM (thanks Nikki!).

Grinding is easy by the way, since a few people have asked.  Just take sand paper and sand the edges: around the collar, on the sleeves and around the bottom.  You don’t have to sand all the way around, just pick a few spots.  The nice thing about distressing a shirt is that you can’t really mess it up because, well, you are trying to make it look messed up.  As for bleaching, I just diluted some liquid bleach with water and sprayed it from an old spray bottle onto the shirt.

Since I’ve been going into work everyday at an office in Laguna Beach (Fuse Interactive), most of the production on “Unwanted” had to happen early in the mornings before work.  Fortunately there is a great printer (Lucky Relabel) right around the corner from my house in Santa Ana.

I packed up all of the distressed shirts and took them to the printer on Tuesday morning.

I had a mad scientist moment and grabbed some old GOST V-neck tees on my way to the printer to have the new “Unwanted” graphic printed on them.

They actually came out really neat, but I don’t have a great photo as of this writing.  I’ll include one with the wrap-up.

After some minor snafus trying to get the films (for the screens) right, my production was completely finished by Wednesday morning in time for me to pack it up and ship it out 2 Day Air to Dallas.

Here is a close up look at one of the distress details.

And here is the final shirt (modeled by Randy Spizer!).  It came out great, and in record time!  Each “Unwanted” shirt was hand treated by me (no thanks to my girlfriend) and will be available exclusively at WeAre1976 in Dallas, Texas.  The opening reception will be this Friday, Feb. 11th starting at 7PM.  Hope you can make it!

Visit for more info.



GOST x We Are 1976! Unwanted!

There is a great little boutique in Dallas called We Are 1976 that specializes in all kinds of indie art stuffs.  I was invited to be a part of a show they are having this Friday (February 11th) called No. 76 Special Edition.  The show will feature exclusive new T-shirt designs and art prints from many of the top independent artists from the Dallas area.  I was born and raised in Dallas, so guess I still make the cut.

My design contribution is titled, “Unwanted.”  I wanted to make something that paid homage to Texas, so I took inspiration from old West “Wanted” posters, and of course I had to put a GOST spin on it.  I just finished the graphic over the weekend.  This will be no small feat (miracle!) if I can pull off designing a brand new shirt, from first sketch, to final design, from the printer in Santa Ana to the show in Dallas, all in one week!

As if I wasn’t cutting things close enough, I got the bright idea that I would hand grind the edges on all of the shirts (with sandpaper) and hit them all with some custom bleach embellishments.  I am only making an extremely limited quantity of these shirts (about two dozen), so I figured why not give them all some hand-made, custom love.  I guess I just didn’t think very much about how much time I would be adding to the process.

I do this to all of my own personal shirts and love the way it looks.  Unfortunately after grinding and bleaching 24 shirts my hands were a little worse for the wear, but I think the shirts are going to look great!  Tomorrow the shirts will be dropped off with the printer and if all goes as planned I’ll get them back in time to ship them to Dallas by Friday.

I can’t wait to see how the finished product turns out and I hope that anyone who is in the area will show up for the reception Friday night at We Are 1976.  Unlike Franky you are all extremely WANTED!

We Are 1976
1902 N. Henderson Ave. Dallas, TX 75206




A graphic goes through many stages before it ends up on a shirt or hoodie.  Typically the design will be modified and refined all along the way until it makes it onto the garment in its final, most polished form.

Usually I will start out with a sketch.  And then I will either ink the drawing before scanning it into the computer or I will scan the sketch straight into the computer and rebuild the drawing (with the pen tool) in Illustrator.  Once the drawing is in Illustrator I can start working out the color story and the final composition.

After I am satisfied with the graphic I will place it into a matrix (or spec sheet or CAD) to sort out placement and to assign specific colors (Pantones) and dimensions.  Sometimes I will have to make some tweaks to the graphic based on its placement or the color of the garment.  Once my matrix is complete I send it to the printer and that is what they use to print the tees and hoodies.  By the time a graphic has gone through all of the stages, from sketch to matrix and from my hands to the printer’s, all of the imperfections have usually all been worked out.

It wasn’t until our most recent release came back from the printers and I was going over it with Steven that I was struck by something sort of peculiar.  I couldn’t really understand why I’d made the decision to tag the “Petty Criminals” graphic with a GOST logo in the lower right corner when the graphic already featured the word GOST in giant type across the top.

I kind of know what I was thinking, I guess.  I mean, I think I was probably trying to brand the graphic with one of the “staple” logos.  I have the “GOST N’ Knives” logo and I have the “Rider” logo and they can be used either together or separately, but I always like to have at least one on every graphic.

It’s just that when I tried to add the GOST Rider logo to the Petty Criminals graphic it ended up looking kind of redundant, like, “GOST by GOST.”  Steven found this very funny and had a good laugh about it

It wasn’t until I was waiting in line at the grocery store when this Gucci ad featuring James Franco caught my eye that I finally felt vindicated.  It seems that my fashion instincts were right on point.  Far from being the befuddled, redundant designer that Steven was trying to portray me as, it turns out I was actually (once again!) on the cutting edge of fashion!



GOST Bowl! Tonight!!

GOST is sponsoring a big party tonight at Lucky Strike Lanes in Orange, CA featuring Arabian Prince (one of the founding members of NWA)!  RSVP for free entry and bowling.

Click here to find GOST Bowl on facebook.



Happy Holidays from GOST!

Happy Holidays from GOST!  Hope your stockings won’t be filled with coal.

A funny thing happened while “shopping” this year.  I have a warehouse full of awesome gifts (GOST Product, hello!), so holiday shopping is usually a breeze.  Well I promised a good friend a GOST Zombie T-shirt in yellow, but sold out of them before I had a chance to grab him one.  A promise is a promise, so I did something I’ve never done before and went online to shop for a GOST shirt!  I ended up finding exactly what I was looking for at Aggressive Mall and paid full retail for one of my own shirts.

Amall let’s you write reviews of the products that you purchase to help assist other buyers.  I couldn’t resist writing a review of my GOST Zombie shirt!

Here’s hoping that you all find exactly what you’re hoping for (GOST tees!) under your Christmas trees this year.

Happy Holidays!



GOST x Amall Holiday Exclusive!

The GOST “Super Company” tee is already a bona fide hit this Holiday season.  Now, to make your Holidays even merrier GOST and Amall have teamed up to offer your favorite tee in two super exclusive colors.  This shirt was originally only available in Black, but now (and for a limited time only) you can also get the Super Co. tee at Amall in White or Super Co. Green!  Hurry because these are only available in limited quantities and they will be gone quick!

Only available at Amall.

Click here to purchase the exclusive GOST Super Company tee at