Sexy Time!


Today turned out to be a pretty sexy day around the GOST Offices!  The days have been gradually getting sexier around here, what with the addition of the Ab Roller™ and the Perfect Push-Ups™, but even so, today still shaped up to be especially sexy.


First my girlfriend’s best friend, Kristine, came over to visit in her cherry 1952 Chevy pick-up and she wasn’t even wearing pants!  I thought if ever there was anything blog worthy this was it!  So, I made Kristine pose for some photos by her truck.

You’re welcome.


I realize that dudes aren’t the only ones looking for a little stimulation as they surf the web.  So it was just my good fortune that on this sexy Tuesday Matt Andrews of all people happened to show up on my doorstep.  Matt is in town visiting from New York and he just happens to be the most RIPPED friend that I have!  So with that (and the ladies) in mind, I snapped some photos of him changing into his new GOST “Tiger” shirt.


You’re welcome, ladies (and Clay Aiken)!


And as if all of that wasn’t stimulation enough I leave you with one final parting shot of Michael Sabounchi’s sweaty nipples after a particularly rigorous GOST Gym workout.

Just another sexy day at the GOST Offices!

You are ALL very, very welcome!



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  1. 1 I GIVE UP

    daaaaaaamn that 1st shot is sexxxy. she single?

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