GOST x Piggy Bank!


LuLu and I are staying with my mom for the week while we are in Texas.  I am here, ostensibly, to provide inline instruction for my family’s skatepark.  I began the week with only two (TWO??) inline campers in my group.  Groups at camp are kind of like classes and the instructors (like me) are kind of like teachers.  A typical group normally consists of about ten kids.  Today one of my campers didn’t even show up (and they actually pay to come to this camp!), so I had a total of ONE camper to instruct today.  ONE CAMPER!!  And would you believe that by the end of instruction today, my one camper, my sole compatriot, my lone companion, my kemosabe broke his ankle??  WTF??


I am going to wake up at 8AM tomorrow, like every other day, and I am going to drive in my mother’s embarrasing red, convertible, Volkswagen Cabrio (I am a grown man for crying out loud!) and I am going to arrive at Eisenbergs Skatepark bright and early and just in time to offer instruction to exactly ZERO CAMPERS!!  I am an X Games Gold Medalist!! An Icon of the sport!!  What happened??


Anyway, my point was that I have been staying at my mother’s and she has all kinds of art and stuff that she has been saving over the years.  A couple of summers ago she bought piggy banks for all of her grandkids to paint and she bought one for me to paint as well.  I hadn’t seen it in a while, but when I came across the piggy bank on this trip I was surprised to find an early version of our Franky the GOST character!  I thought the project came out kind of cool overall, so I snapped some photos.










11 Responses to “GOST x Piggy Bank!”

  1. 1 Christie

    Nice piggy…
    *cough* I don’t think your campers know how good they got it*

    I’d love to have an opportunity like that… :)

  2. 2 Tri-State Skate

    that stinks! i really need to take a trip out there to the park, ive always wanted to skate it, but never got a chance to get out there…gost summer stuff is going to kill it at the shop! yea!

  3. 3 Nana

    I want that piGGy Bank nOw:( k thanks bye!

  4. 4 Nana

    Well not that 1ne but u should create some like it;)

  5. 5 franco

    that shit is sick arlo, if you sold that in the on line store for mad cheap i would buy it and sport it at my house ahah

    keep up the good work

    i think the piggy needs to go above the fire place not hidden that is some good art right there haha,

    keep up the good work

    have fun on yuor trip

    peace franco

    gost brand 4 life

  6. 6 ketchup

    damn,only 1,thats hella bunk,i tried to use visiting my fam. in texaa as an excuse,but didnt work,damn,maybe another time

  7. 7 Scott McDonald

    I would have paid for a skate lesson Arlo, & I’m a rollerblading coach at a skatepark,haha. Once,I nearly squashed an 8 year old girl whilst holding her hand dropping in off a funbox,skates got tangled & I nearly fell on her, oops!

    Piggy bank is sick, I like the worm coming out the behind!

  8. 8 Ricky

    do an auction for it on ebay.post a link on this site and highest bidder gets it

  9. 9 Kelly

    Arlo, I cam across your blog after my son Cameron and I met you at Eisenbergs and then I Googled you when I got home:) I have to say your story is REALLY funny and I got a kick out of reading it. I did keep wondering who’s red convertible that was everyday:):) My son hasn’t stopped talking about all the tricks you did for him, Im hoping this year isnt your last to teach cause he has his sights on the inline camp next year:) Thanks for making a 6 year olds summer memorable:):)

  10. 10 arlo

    Kelly, it was great meeting you and Cameron! Thanks for your nice comments. I can’t wait to skate with Cameron next year at Camp!!

  11. 11 Controlled Accidents

    Yeah, its like that everywhere. There were only three weeks of camp at Lake Owen this year, and for the first 2 weeks there were only like 5 kids each week.Every year the weeks have been getting shorter and shorter. The last week we had more kids then at woodward west tho! Oh well…give up right?

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