Happy Holidays from GOST!

Happy Holidays from GOST!  Hope your stockings won’t be filled with coal.

A funny thing happened while “shopping” this year.  I have a warehouse full of awesome gifts (GOST Product, hello!), so holiday shopping is usually a breeze.  Well I promised a good friend a GOST Zombie T-shirt in yellow, but sold out of them before I had a chance to grab him one.  A promise is a promise, so I did something I’ve never done before and went online to shop for a GOST shirt!  I ended up finding exactly what I was looking for at Aggressive Mall and paid full retail for one of my own shirts.

Amall let’s you write reviews of the products that you purchase to help assist other buyers.  I couldn’t resist writing a review of my GOST Zombie shirt!

Here’s hoping that you all find exactly what you’re hoping for (GOST tees!) under your Christmas trees this year.

Happy Holidays!



2 Responses to “Happy Holidays from GOST!”

  1. 1 fraco

    yo arlo, nice of you to find that shirt for the homie

    keep up the good work

    love the new line about to get my hands on some

    gost brand 4 life peace ,,, real franco

  2. 2 russell

    HAHA Thanks ARLO!

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