A graphic goes through many stages before it ends up on a shirt or hoodie.  Typically the design will be modified and refined all along the way until it makes it onto the garment in its final, most polished form.

Usually I will start out with a sketch.  And then I will either ink the drawing before scanning it into the computer or I will scan the sketch straight into the computer and rebuild the drawing (with the pen tool) in Illustrator.  Once the drawing is in Illustrator I can start working out the color story and the final composition.

After I am satisfied with the graphic I will place it into a matrix (or spec sheet or CAD) to sort out placement and to assign specific colors (Pantones) and dimensions.  Sometimes I will have to make some tweaks to the graphic based on its placement or the color of the garment.  Once my matrix is complete I send it to the printer and that is what they use to print the tees and hoodies.  By the time a graphic has gone through all of the stages, from sketch to matrix and from my hands to the printer’s, all of the imperfections have usually all been worked out.

It wasn’t until our most recent release came back from the printers and I was going over it with Steven that I was struck by something sort of peculiar.  I couldn’t really understand why I’d made the decision to tag the “Petty Criminals” graphic with a GOST logo in the lower right corner when the graphic already featured the word GOST in giant type across the top.

I kind of know what I was thinking, I guess.  I mean, I think I was probably trying to brand the graphic with one of the “staple” logos.  I have the “GOST N’ Knives” logo and I have the “Rider” logo and they can be used either together or separately, but I always like to have at least one on every graphic.

It’s just that when I tried to add the GOST Rider logo to the Petty Criminals graphic it ended up looking kind of redundant, like, “GOST by GOST.”  Steven found this very funny and had a good laugh about it

It wasn’t until I was waiting in line at the grocery store when this Gucci ad featuring James Franco caught my eye that I finally felt vindicated.  It seems that my fashion instincts were right on point.  Far from being the befuddled, redundant designer that Steven was trying to portray me as, it turns out I was actually (once again!) on the cutting edge of fashion!



8 Responses to “GOST by GOST!”

  1. 1 skullboy

    awesome, man. i’ve always liked your style.

  2. 2 Vicki

    That’s why I love you!

  3. 3 fred b

    I’m lovin the work Arlo, i have been following your work since mad beef, and am happy to say that ghost is your best stuff yet. Thank you for continuing to be a presence in the roller community, your contribution to the lifestyle is as important today as it was when i was 12 seeing you on mtv sports and saying to myself, “I need to do That.” i am an artist and have a printing company of my own, creating clothing for a similar market. feel free to contact me on my facebook page, as we are friends. i would love to share designs as well as the knowledge i have learned from my 7 years working in printing and promotions. I am open to share these secrets with you, as you have shared your life and passion with me, through the skating community. Thank you again for your continuing contribution to skating as a whole, and my life in general. keep up the good work. Fred Brown

  4. 4 Shirt Starter


    Can you please out of courtesy and help, tell me what the specific names of the matrix / spec sheet/ CAD programs you use are?

    I’d like to get my hands on some soon…

    TY kindly.

  5. 5 franco

    yo arlo, thanks for sharing the story, behind how you do things and steps buddy.

    I would sport any thing gost related even if it had gost 100 times on it, i want people to know who makes it haha.

    peace the real franco

    gost brand 4 life

  6. 6 arlo

    The program is just Illustrator. You can build the spec sheets to your own specifications.

  7. 7 Casper

    Hey Arlo, just watched Barely Dead again and just thought to send nod to your great articulation throughout. Being involved within the industry myself i can without doubt confirm sales are on the rise and a revival is imminent. Probs on the great work your doing with GOST. HAPPY TREE!

  8. 8 adam

    Equally hilarious is James Franco teaching a college course on editing his own footage. It’s called “Master Class: Editing James Franco … with James Franco.”

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