Vanilla Ice x GOST!

Celebrity endorsements are a great way to get a lot of exposure, especially for a fledgling company on a tight budget.  In this booming age of information there are a LOT of celebrities out there and they are NOT all created equal.  For many celebrities once their star begins to lose its shine they will seek refuge in the parallel reality of “reality” TV programming.  Vanilla Ice has become a veteran of these shows and has most recently been cast in the UK’s “Skating with the Stars.”

I received an email alerting me to this when an astute viewer noticed Vanilla Ice allegedly wearing a GOST tee.

I say “allegedly” because extraordinary claims demand extraordinary proof and when I asked for a link to the video where the screen captures came from none was provided and I have seen no other corroborating evidence.  The emailer insists the photos are genuine.  Whatever the case, I am not sure if Vanilla Ice wearing GOST Brand on “Dancing with the Stars” in the UK means that we have finally arrived or if it means something closer to the opposite of that.



8 Responses to “Vanilla Ice x GOST!”

  1. 1 sdope79

    gost, gost, baby!

  2. 2 Shawn Rodriguez

    Wow!Vanilla is the man! Glad u blogged about this one! Can’t wait to tell as many bladers as possible! GOST til the afterlife!

  3. 3 Anthoy Luna

    Fuck yeah!
    that’s BOSS~

  4. 4 James Q

    Wow Arlo! that’s what I’m talkin bout brudda.opportunities…..

  5. 5 Alf Graham

    This is real Arlo as i got my mate to send this to you to show that Gost is being repp’d by Vanilla Ice on English TV. The show is called Dancing on Ice on ITV 1 in the UK. Alf

  6. 6 Rich Tayler

    Heres the video footage

    he’s wearing it @ 39secs in after the comercials

  7. 7 Adam furr dogg swanson

    I didn’t steal it… theirs goes, ding ding ding deega ding ding, and mine goes, ding ding ding dinga ding ding… Completely different

  8. 8 franco

    If that’s true that is good for the gost brand, good to see celebrity wearing the best cloths out gost brand hah

    peace real franco

    gost brand 4 life

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