I made a new logo for Ernie Reyes, Jr. whom some of you may remember from a previous posting on this blog.  In short, he was a child star, martial arts prodigy who was featured in films like “The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and “The Rundown,” and he is also now married to my ex-wife.

Now well into his thirties (join the club!) Ernie has remained active in the entertainment industry.  Lately Ernie has been developing some cool new projects of his own and he approached me about coming up with a logo for his company, “Smasher Entertainment.”

Since Ernie’s background is in martial arts, and in particular martial arts tailored for entertainment, that naturally is the primary focus of his company.  When briefing me about the logo Ernie mentioned that it might be cool to incorporate a fist.  I started working on some sketches (in between random doodles, “how absurb!”) and after seeing them Ernie gave me the okay to go ahead with the design.

I took the sketch into Illustrator to make sure I got all of the curves and lines just right.  I took a snapshot of my Illustrator file with all of the guides on.

I showed Ernie several treatments, including a final Illustrator version with a Kung-Fu color scheme, but the one we settled on was a black and white, distressed kind of MMA/Comic Book hybrid that was the opening photo for this post.


5 Responses to “Smasher!”

  1. 1 Mike

    I like the Kung Fu scheme! They are both sweet though.

  2. 2 franco

    well done

    keep up the good work

    peace the real franco

  3. 3 Phil A

    your creativity never ceases to amaze

  4. 4 Ernie Reyes

    You’re awesome Arlo! Thanks for the great work!


  5. 5 adam FURR DOGG swanson

    SO ILL!I love the kung-fu theme, too bad the “distressed” one made the cut :/ I really enjoy seeing the process, so thanks for that! Please keep on letting us in your brain Arlo, till next time, COWABUNGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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