Red Bull Ride and Style!

Red Bull is putting on a fixed gear freestyle event next weekend in San Francisco.  They are building a custom street course for the event and they have invited a handful of artists to come out and paint the obstacles.  Incredibly I was invited to be one of the artists!  Actually, it wasn’t SO incredible.  My friend Azikiwee is putting together the event and he has always been very supportive of my art.  One of the first large murals I ever did was for the grand opening of his shop, D-Structure, in SF over five years ago.

We are packing up the car and road tripping to San Francisco from Orange County early Friday morning to start painting this weekend so that everything will be ready in time for the event next week.

Stay tuned for more updates and photos from San Francisco!



4 Responses to “Red Bull Ride and Style!”

  1. 1 franco

    good stuff

    would like to see a blade comp and you draw the logos for that.

    gostbrand 4 life

  2. 2 Adam Furr Dogg Swanson

    miss you man, hope to see a new post soon…

  3. 3 Adam Furr Dogg Swanson

    Still waiting, patiently…

  4. 4 Adam Furr Dogg Swanson

    I need some new GOST in my life… Even if you print some gnk tees, nice and plain… Miss you HOST

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