GOST (pronounced “ghost”) is a clothing company based on the art and ideas of Arlo Eisenberg.  Formerly the Creative Director of Franco Shade Clothing, Arlo left the company to start his own label called GOST in 2009.  With Arlo at the helm Franco Shade earned a reputation in the streetwear community for having bold graphics with even bolder statements like, “Quitters Never Lose,” and “More War!”  Now with GOST Arlo is continuing to populate the graphic universe with images and characters that share his unique pathos.

In addition to Franco Shade, Arlo also created designs for Paul Frank Industries and in 1993 Arlo co-founded (with his Good Buddy, Brooke Howard-Smith) inline wheel and accesories company Senate, for which he also served as creative director.

Arlo was 5’11″ in 1994, but now he is only 5’7″.