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Rolling Revival GOSTCAST!


Tim Parker and our friends from the Rolling Revival Podcast came by a few weeks ago to grab an impromptu interview.  They talked to me and Jess about GOST Brand and about Jess’s companies Fifty-50 and England.  The Episode just went up on rollingrevival.com.  Check it out!



Ghost and… Lollipops??


I am fond of saying that I don’t run a clothing company, I run a LOGO company.  This is especially true with GOST.  The Ghost and Knives Logo is a very strong mark.  It is striking and distinct and people really respond to it.  I am not in the business of selling T-shirts, I say, I sell ghosts!

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My ex-wife moved from LA to Orange County recently.  In LA she worked in the entertainment industry as an actress and she also practiced real estate.  But her real passion for the past several years has been yoga.  In this same time Jess has been training extensively in massage therapy and was even named Orange County’s Best Massage Therapist for 2008 by The OC Weekly!

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